Ecological Reserve.

Sustainable Tourism.

Monte Aventura Company and Pinsapo Ecologist Group applied, some years ago, for the transformation of the Ojén Hunting Park into a Ecological Reserve. Thanks to the determination of a professional group, in April 2015 the Ojén Hunting Park was turned into a protected area, the Ojén Ecological Reserve.Ojén EcoReserve

20 minutes from Costa del Sol-Marbella, and 5 from Ojén town, Ojén EcoReserve has about 100 hectars. Today is a wildlife sanctuary, a shelther for the life. It’s a new concept of managment and nature protection. A priviledge spot with both placement and orographic strategical situation in Ojén, between Costa del Sol and Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park.

Main touristic attraction  of Costa del Sol is about sun & beaches. However, ecotourism is getting importance and is been more and more demanded by tourists. That’s why we think Ojén EcoReserve is needed and can supply a different poin of view of the nature to tourists and schools, in a wonderful surrounding.

It’s a protected area whose aims are: nature protection, environmental education, and JOB CREATION, all through a sustainable cultural, scientific and leisure use.

Mabella Nature ToursWe’ve offered a managment plan for the conservation and sustainable use of this area through footpaths, signposting, wildwatching equipments, nature classroom,… Tracks will allow visitants to see wild animals like deers, wild goats, muflons, raptor birds, partridges, rabbits, reptiles & amphibians, in addition with a rich mediterranean flora. In this natural sactuary you will be able to learn and live an unique experience surrounded by the mediterranean rich biodiversity.

Click here and check out the EcoReserve web page!

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