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Spain. What to do?

Everything under the Sun.

Perfect place for your vacations: It’s a variety of colours, cultures and reliefs, framed by countless beaches. A bright watercolour painted by Arabs, Romans and Phoenicians. A magnificent land rich in landscapes, natural parks, history, traditions and customs kept with love.

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Things to do: Cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Malaga represent the identity of this tradition. At the same time, they are the example of a developed modern country. A tourist destination with an incomparable cultural offer. Come and live this experience.
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A rich tourist attraction: The Ferias, Bullfighting and Easter (Semana Santa) are the expression of a nation that measures the passing of time with their holidays: the Carnival in Cadiz, Semana Santa (Easter), Feria de Abril in Sevilla, San Fermin in Pamplona, etc.
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The Mediterranean diet is based on a balanced and complete diet following principles such as simple preparation and the use of fresh, local products, and if possible, seasonal. Mediterranean diet is the basis of Spain’s food and many of its principles are present in the tastiest Spanish dishes. Some of the well-known typical spanish dishes & drinks are: paella, espetos, sangría, tinto de verano, tapas,… Come on! Spain is waiting for your holidays.

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Monte Aventura, Andalucia Eco-Tours, Marbella’s #1 activity, our suggestions:

Best and funniest day of your holidays for the whole family in Marbella – Costa del Sol – Spain! Experience and passion, Marbella’s #1 activity

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