Environmental commitment.

Respectful towards nature.

Adventure routes (convertible 4×4 safari jeeps) rarely correspond to an ecologic and sustainable approach, even if most of them pretend so. Out-of-control visits may have a negative repercussion in the Nature.

But when directed in small groups, like us, guided by highly qualified staff, we can guarantee the ecological balance won’t be altered.

Monte Aventura not only obeys every legal requirements, also keeps watch over an ecological behavior in all the activities, through an Environmental Management program. (Utilization of recycled paper, energetic saving, low-impact activities, etc.)

MONTE AVENTURA  promotes activities in order to protect nature, such as popular Campaign for the Protection of Birds, Reforestation, etc. After a serious fire happened on summer 2012 we have promoted together with Pinsapo Ecologist Group several days in which more than 100 forest-planters have planted about 8,000 native trees in wildfire’s damaged areas.

Some of the activities we’ve made are:

  • Reforestation Conference and campains.
  • Installation of nesting boxes for the protection of Birds.
  • Garbage cleaning at protected areas.

Respectful towards local culture.

We really support local craftsmanship and traditions, that why we make and promote these activities:

  • Slingshot Contest.
  • Visit local artisans while we’re on tour.
  • Promotion of handcrafts and local products.
  • Draft Eco-Ethnographic Museum.
  • A lot more.

Monte Aventura, Andalucia Eco-Tours, Marbella’s #1 activity

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