Sustainable Tourism:

We take sustainable tourism seriously. This is why we try to help nature as much as possible. How? Like this:


Cooperation with Pinsapo ecologist group:


We have an special sensitivity and attention to nature and we actively collaborate in the protection of the environment and the enhancement of the traditions and activities of local life.

Our activities have low impact to the local environment, and try to restore what it gives to us, every member of Monte Aventura Team, works as a volunteer with the Pinsapo Ecologist Association.

Indeed, we’ve been collaborating in reforestation campaigns for the last fifteen years. Specially since 2012 last wild fire of the Costa del Sol in September.

Promoting Local Culture:

Monte Aventura. The best example ecotourism is engaged with local culture. We do our best to promote local culture, as we think this kind of culture is the perfect balance between production and protection. How do we do it? Like this:grupo de personas elaborando cestas y utensilios de esparto artesanal

  • Each year, the last September weekend, we organize a funny Sling-shot competition. Sling-shot was the main tool of the local shepherds and we don’t want it to be forgotten. So we’ve been organizing it for more than 15 years, in Istán, a typical white village! Each year shepherds from all towns of the county gather together and try to win the contest prize (local products like cheese, ham, wine,…). Everybody can participate!
  • Our ecotours are thought to show tourists the real Spain and, as we’re locals, we know the people of the small typical towns, like Istán. They are really friendly and usually the want to show us their crops, their handcrafts (that can be bough),….
  • In all our tours we always have lunch in local spanish restaurants, because we think that like this we promote local economy and local and healthy food.


Ojén Ecological Reserve:

Check out our new project in Ojén, just few minutes from Marbella-Costa del Sol, where we’re trying to turn a hunting reserve into a ecological reserve, where to show the tourists and the locals our wonderful wildlife!


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