Students and young people. Things to do?

Students and young people is a special type of client. The use to come with a school trip or with a group of friends.

Our different outdoor activities adapt and fulfill the educational objectives: environmental, transversal and multi-disciplinary topics.

Tours, reinforced by nature interpretation techniques, provide group dynamics and games in order to make students interact with the environment and improve their nature knowledge and complement their formation in a funny way.

In fact, tours are set to be as funny as possible and they will have a great day on our 4×4 convertible safari jeeps. Leisure experiences through our well preserved Natural Areas and Natural Parks.

Contact us and let us know what your students need and we’ll customize your experience! Come on, we’re Marbella’s #1 Activity!

Monte Aventura, Andalucia Eco-Tours, Marbella’s #1 activity, our suggestions:

Best and funniest day of your holidays for the whole family in Marbella – Costa del Sol – Spain! Experience and passion, Marbella’s #1 activity

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