How to book a tour with you?

By contacting us by email or phone.

What to wear on a tour?

Casual dress is the norm, trainers/sneakers, sandals/ flip-flops in summer…In winter we recommend to wear long-sleeved clothes and a coat just in case.

What should I bring?

Carry any necessary medications that you may require.

In summer is useful suncream, water and sunglasses.

What should I NOT bring?

Anything valuable that you cannot easily carry on your person. Pets are not allowed.

Will we get wet on the tour?

Not at all. If rainy we bring raincoats for everybody.

Where do we go to get on the 4×4?

We will pick you up and bring you back again at your hotel or desired location.

How long are the full day tours?

Approximately 8 or 9 hours, depending on where the pick-up point is.

When do you do tours?

We use to work on weekdays but also during weekend we can work.

How many people does each jeep carry?

Maximum per jeep: 8 people.

How many people can you transport in total?

As many as you are.

Do you offer special rates?

Yes, for big groups and under 12 years old youngs.

Do you do private tours?

Yes, we do.

Can we share a tour with others?

Actually you’ll be sharing the tour with others that have booked for the same day, unless you prefer a private tour just for you.

Do you do night tours?

If interested ask for more info.

What time do your tours use to start?

Depending on the pick-up point but usually around 9 or 10 am. Other times are possible if you prefer.

Are there any age limits?

No, there aren’t. Although we don’t recommend to get our tours with newborns or with unwell senior people, above all in our hot summers.

Do we need insect repellent?

Not typically.

Are there any physical limitations?

No specially. Our tours aren’t physically hard as you can be the most of the time sit down on the seat. Just bear in mind that as we work in a mountainous region our roads use to be bendy and if we go off-road they are bumpy.
Your driver will take his time to help you with getting in and out the 4×4 without any hurry.
Persons with severe neck or back problems or pregnant women are not recommended to take these tours.

Can I pay with credit/debit card?

Not yet, sorry. We accept bank transfers and cash.

Is possible a vegetarian (or another special) menu?

Vegetarians, pork free, gluten free, …are available. Just let us know it when booking and the tour day.

What will the weather be like?

300 days of sunshine per year average. So possibly, quite sunny.

What happens if the tour is canceled?

If we, for some reason (weather,…), decide to cancel it, you won’t be charged and money will be delivered back to you.

If you cancel once paid ask for more info about charges.

Will we find restrooms/toilets while on tour?

Visit the restroom immediately prior to the tour, then we’ll find another restrooms while we’re on tour. Maximum time without availability of toilets is about 2 hours.

Is it customary to tip the guide?

Yes, tips are accepted.

15-20% is customary, but please tip what you feel is appropriate.



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