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Sierra de las Nieves. What to do?

A wonderful Natural Park.

Natural Park Sierra de las Nieves is declared Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO, in order to preserve the different ecosystems and the traditions. This is a way to promote a sustainable development, permitting a balance between human activity and preservation of nature.

The “Sierra de las Nieves” (Snowy mountain range) is an open air nature museum, with a rough landscape, grooved by high cliffs. A space full of history and culture.

Years ago, the inhabitants of this area kept the snow in pits, so during the summer season they could distribute it to the villages nearby. This is the origin of the name of these mountains, “Sierra de las Nieves”.

Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park               mountain bike ecotour

Despite of the name, Sierra de las Nieves has a sunny weather almost the year round, that’s one of the reasons biologic diversity in this natural area is very rich and varied, as a result of its privileged situation between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

In this Natural Park we find one of the highest peak in the province of Málaga, Torrecilla, 1.919 m. high. Also in these mountains we find one of the deepest cave in the Earth, with 1.098 m. explored.

Every nook is a small paradise; each cattle track, a microcosmos; each cliff a challenge. But the real living treasure is the PINSAPO tree, Andalusian fir, witness of the glacial past that still exists thanks to the special conditions in this area. It’s mixed with high mountain oaks, pines and cork trees, which origins a spectacular forest. In addition, we can find wild cats, foxes, otters, wild goats…Up in the air we can see eagles, vultures, owls and countless singing birds.

Ronda Mountain Range        Sierra de las Nieves Cork Harvest        griffonvulture

Nine villages are included in this area:

Istán, Ojén, Monda, Guaro, Tolox, Alozaina, El Burgo, Casarabonela and Yunquera.

In them we find both traditonal handicrafts and technological innovation. A combination of calmless craftmanship and the dizzy speed of last-generation technology.

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Things to do in Sierra de las nieves:

Every season of the year is appropiate to discover the Sierra de las Nieves and the real Spain:

– During the spring the mountains are full of brightly coloured flowers. The perfect moment for company events, incentives,…

– There’s not a nicest noise in the summer months than the water running through the rivers, streams, fountains and cascades.  The best moment for your vacation, holidays, stag,…

– In autumn, harvest season, the ground and trees are covered with coloured leaves and the forest offers its fruits: chestnuts, acorns, etc… The best moment for get an ecotour, a wine tasting tour, tapas tour,…

– During the winter, sometimes our summits get covered with a white snow mantle. Lots of curious come and contemplate this spectacular landscape. The best season to enjoy ecotours, sighseeing,….

If you want us to show you the secrets of this Natural Park check out here!


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