Corporate Social Responsability

Do you want your company to get engaged helping nature? With us you can!

We can help you to develop a Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) Programe or an one-time activity.

You can take part in a great deal of eco-friendly activities that will promote the ethical, social and environmental image of your company.

Besides improving your company values, you will also achieve to improve employees motivation and values

Suitable for all ages the year round!
Pick up and drop off wherever you prefer is a service available and included in the price.
Improve your teamwork skills in a funny way. Be our guest!

More info:
CSR is the commitment you get to establish a sustainable business over a long term, taking decisions following always high ethical values.

In our company we are nature lovers, and that’s the reason we are engaged in our own ecologist group, as a leisure hobby.

We can offer you, thank to our experience, a broad range of different activities:

  • Planting trees.
  • Trash pickup contest.
  • Scrub cleaning throughout paths in our Ecological Reserve.
  • Helping feeding animals.
  • Helping cleaning a farm.
  • Bird nesting boxes building workshop.
  • Customized activities.

In our aim to use the defense of the environment as an integrating element, we intend to work with local businesses and organizations in the area of action, as well as workers from disadvantaged groups, thus boosting the regional economy and creating jobs.


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