• Gymkana


The most dynamic way to discover Marbella with your mates: quizzes, characters drawn from the history of the city will challenge us to complete the map that an Arab ancestor left hid in different areas. A challenge for showing teamwork skills.

Meeting point at 10a.m. Explanation about the gymkana activity. Stages and dynamics development.

EXPLORING VISIT: Basically walking around Marbella historic center and visit the indicated monuments in the maps given, every monument found has a reward!! The final prize is in one of the Stages.
COLECCION FRIKI: Find some tipical“Souvenirs” that you won´t forget from Marbella.
“SKETCH”: Exciting and fun urban performances (Gypsy, police, etc..) that interact with teams established at the Historic Center of Marbella with different group dynamics. These are games that encourage in a playful friendship, communication, self-esteem, confidence, participation, cooperation, creativity, etc.. In summary, based on values critical to achieving the synergies of teamwork. Groups must pass various tests and record the results. The winning team gets a fabulous special prize.
Award Ceremony. Snacks and refreshments, the “Explorers” return to the meeting point, satisfied and glad of have enjoyed the best day of their meeting.

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