Introduction to Tai Chi in the almond blossom

Introducing Tai Chi among the inspirating almond blossom. The activity lasts approximately four hours from the Costa del Sol in the Camino Real from Monda to Istan, in the Sierra de las Nieves Nature Park.A trail to enjoy the beauty of the almond crop in January and February have the opportunity to do the activity with the almond blossom, reaching its peak at this time.


Our path runs between croplands and almond start appearing everywhere. We can develop the senses, magnificent views of the surrounding landscape in extensive fields painted white by the almond blossom and if we extend our view can be appreciating the highest major summits of the Sierra de las Nieves in these dates usually cover a mantle nieve. Also, our sense of smell will find a particular smell, the one of the almond blossom in full bloom. The descent ends at the confluence of Arroyo Seco the murmur of water provides a feeling of relaxation and peace. It is the advert of spring.

At one stop, a relaxing meadow between almond, our teacher will introduce us to the Tai Chi as an alternative therapy to relax, feel even more in touch with nature,find ourselves inspired, discover and get to know her.

– Isabel Rosas shows Tai chi. It is a Chinese martial art that is practiced outdoors in contact with nature, which in turn stimulates the body balances, relaxes and remains healthy.


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