Casares Sulphur Water Roman Bath Trip

In the Roman Sulphur baths of Hedionda, near Casares village, we have a special stream with high sulphur content in the water due to the spring flowing from a limestone outcrop above the valley. It attracted the attention of the Romans 2000 years ago and an arched bathing complex was created of which four chambers still exist. This bath has been always used as a healing tool and still today people go there trying to cope with their skin illnesses.

Suitable for all ages the year round.

Pick up and drop off wherever you prefer is a service available and included in the price.

You are Welcome! . . . Be our Guest!

More info:

A small first chamber leads via an archway and tunnel to a much larger inner chamber. Come and get in the cool, murky, health-giving waters and take away (although there are signs saying not to) samples of the alluvial mud that can be used as face-lift salve.

Come and spoil yourself in this ancient spa!


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