Iberian Lynx watching trip to Andújar

The Iberian Lynx, a mediterranean phantom, is the most endangered feline of the world, and is waiting for you in Andalusia.

The observation of this mammal is quite complicated due to its shy and elusive character, that´s why the recommended season is their mating season, winter-spring.

The major objective of this tour is the Iberian lynx, the jewel of the Mediterranean ecosystem. But also we’ll have time to finding other ecologically valuable species that make up the Mediterranean ecosystem.

MONTEAVENTURA offers you an incredible ecotour during mating season devoted exclusively to Lynx watching in Sierra de Andújar. Visiting unspoiled natural areas, with all the comfort and accompanied by expert and friendly nature guides.

In this activity you can discover the wilderness of the mountains and feel the contact with nature.

More info:

We offer you an amazing ecotour to one of the best preserved mediterranean forest, Sierra Morena, which is the last refuge of the most endangered feline around the world, the Iberian Lynx.

This beautiful cat is really difficult to see however in some places of Sierra Morena is not that difficult, due to his local high density.

It’s recommended to do this tour for some days (2-3 day tour) as the probability of watching the lynx increases.

Suitable for all ages the year round.
Pick up and drop off wherever you prefer is a service available and included in the price.

You are Welcome! . . . Be our Guest!


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